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Minor updates coming


Revisiting this old project, as I found a couple of improvements are in order.

When exporting a table or query with a lot of rows(20K or more), I found that it was painfully slow. he issue was i was concatenating to a string, which gets memory intensive when it gets big.
The solution was to replace it with a StringBuilder object instead, and it seems to work fine with 100K rows. I will upload the newer version this week.

Also, My Target platform is now SQL Server 2012, which requires the 4.0 framework, and not the original 2.0 or 3.5 which you could use for SQL2005/2008/R2.

also, modifying the html exports to have an additional parameter i needed in my case, where i needed an explanation paragraph that might optionally appear above a table of data. I will add it as a new method to avoid breaking signitures for the methods.

All these minor changes will be deployed this week after at least a cursory testing.